youtube profile picture size

youtube profile picture size is second in popularity among social media platforms. The marketing potential of any brand or video marketer is huge with over 500 million viewing sessions per day and 1.5 billion users.

youtube profile picture size

One of the most sought-after professions in today’s world is being a Youtuber. It takes much more than creating viral videos to reach the top.

It is important that your channel looks professional in every aspect. This includes the size of your profile picture.

This article will discuss the do’s and dont’s of choosing the size of your Youtube profile picture, as well as some helpful tips and tricks.

What is a Youtube Profile Picture?

Your YouTube profile photo is the thumbnail image next to your channel name on all your videos. This is also called the YouTube avatar, or channel icon. It is also the image that appears next to your name when you comment on any YouTube video.

Your channel art and your Youtube profile photo should not be confused. Youtube channel art or Youtube banner functions similarly to a Facebook cover photo. It is only visible when a user clicks your channel.

Why is a profile picture on Youtube important?

Youtube users can click on your profile pictures whenever you engage on Youtube.

You should also make an effort to choose your YouTube profile photo. It is the same icon that you use across all your Google profiles, such as Gmail or Google+.

A great profile picture on YouTube can help you maximize your exposure in the digital community. Make it count.

What are the ideal dimensions for a Youtube Profile Picture Image?

You should know the dimensions and optimal size of your photo or logo before you upload it to your YouTube profile picture.

Upload a profile picture to YouTube with a resolution of 800×800 pixels. You may be familiar with Instagram and Twitch, which have similar dimensions for profile pictures.

It would be helpful to note that YouTube profile photos always have a circular crop. This means that any text or graphic within the 800×800 square will not be displayed.

It is important to know how to maximize the 800×800 window. You must know how to maximize the 800 x 800 window so that your profile picture is displayed in a circle.

This is how your profile photo will look if you don’t consider this factor:

Can you see the corners of the image are cut? Some text isn’t visible. YouTube’s in-house template will delete any elements that aren’t within the circle frame.

Tips to Maximize your Youtube Profile Image

These tips can help you maximize the potential of your YouTube channel profile picture, whether you are updating your entire look or starting from scratch.

  1. Be Consistent with All Your Social Media Accounts

Your goal should be to build your brand and become well-known in the digital community.

Your audience will be able to see your profile picture on YouTube and other social media channels, particularly if they are looking for you on other platforms.

This is a great example of Brave Wilderness.

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