that youtube family Sydney Serena

Born July 4, 2000, Sydney Serena is an American YouTube personality. She is well-known online as Sydney Serena. In 2014, she started her that youtube family. She would upload videos occasionally, but it didn’t take off until April 2017, when her popularity, views, subscribers and popularity skyrocketed.

that youtube family Sydney Serena

Personal life
and that youtube family

Sydney was born in Minnesota and raised with Ryan and Ashton. Ashton appears in many of Sydney’s videos.

She started gymnastics at the age of three, and continued to do it until middle school due to injuries. Following a diagnosis from her doctor, she was told her body wasn’t suitable for the sport. This forced her to stop gymnastics in order to avoid further injuries.

She was so upset that she couldn’t do gymnastics any more, she decided to try acting and auditioned for The Little Mermaid. She was cast as Flounder. She noticed that her throat hurts when she sings, even though she was more involved in acting plays. At first she dismissed it as a sore throat, but as time passed by, she realized that the problem was becoming more severe. Her parents took her to the doctor to find out why. Vocal cord dysfunction was the diagnosis she received. This is a condition that affects how one inhales and exhales, as well as making it more difficult to speak. She was forced to stop acting in plays.

She didn’t know what to do so she started watching lots of YouTube videos mostly from beauty gurus. Bethany Mota (MakeupbyMandy24) were her favorite YouTube videos. She was inspired by these videos and decided to create her own that YouTube family

She attended public school from kindergarten through 10th grade. However, she switched to online school her junior year because she was unhappy with the popularity of her high school. It made her feel unat home and she felt like she wasn’t part of it. Her old school friends cut all contact with her, and she was excluded from all activities. Instead of letting her friends go, she turned all of that negativity into positive energy, and began making YouTube videos. She claims that YouTube videos make her happy. Two of her closest friends, Rachel Kiner, and April Linn, remained loyal to her through this entire ordeal.

YouTube Channel

Most of her videos are makeup and hair tutorials. Her most popular series was copying other YouTube stars’ Instagram photos, like Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler and Annie LeBlanc and Vanessa Merrell. Another one was where she invited her fans to submit Instagram photos and she tried to copy them.

“Pranks to Pull On Your Teachers!” is her most-watched video. “Pranks to Pull on Your Teachers!” has more than 14 million views.

Sasha Morga is also a good friend of hers, a YouTuber with more than 1 million subscribers. She has shared many videos with Sasha on her main channel and vlog channel.

Second Channel
Sydney Serena Vlogs, her second and most popular vlogging channel, is also her first. Although she created her vlog channel on the same day as her main channel, she didn’t upload any videos to it until 2015, one year after she began posting YouTube videos. She posts vlogs about certain events in her daily life on this channel.

She was born July 4, 2000, which was the last Independence Day in the 20th century.

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