Best things for Fiverr and gig ideas

Best things for Fiverr is a freelance platform and a lot of freelancers are working there on daily basis. You are allowed to provide any type of service in Fiverr for your clients if any skill you have. But I have seen that a lot of people have skills but they don’t have ideas to create some good gigs for them.

Best things for Fiverr and gig ideas
Best things for Fiverr and gig ideas

Best skills and idea


This topic is very good now at this time because the competition is low and work is very much I have also worked on this keyword and I got a hundred clients on my agriculture gig which was regarding article writing. If you are professional and you want to write regarding agriculture you can create such a gig where you can provide this service so for sure you will get a lot of orders from different clients.

You can create other gigs like gardening articles or horticulture which are regarding agriculture and gardening, there are also thousands of orders but no competition so it is very perfect time for you to work on this niche.


This skill is now on-demand and if you are professional and have the abilities to do SEO for other websites then you can start with this because the competition is low and orders are unlimited. You can provide different services regarding the search engine optimization of the websites like domain rating or domain authority etc. Clients also pay a good amount of dollars to freelancers for work regarding SEO.

In SEO Domain rating and Domain authority services are at their peak and have thousands of clients who want this service for their domain so you can also provide backlinks to different domains or websites by getting paid from your clients.

Subject specialist

This niche is very good and I am sure that you will be a specialist in any subject like Biology, Physics or Mathematics. A lot of European clients search for such a service which can solve their problems regarding subjects and can also help them in this online field regarding their subjects. The good thing is that clients pay hundreds of dollars for just simple projects regarding subjects because service providers are few ones and clients are in good numbers.

Nowadays Physics and other subjects are on-demand and one of my friends has earned five hundred dollars in just the first fifteen days of March through physics assignments and presentations. SO this niche idea is super awesome for you to get orders on Fiverr.

App development one of papular gig on fiver

This skill and field are very wide but on the other hand, thousands of clients are available who pays you thousands of dollar for single app development for them so this niche is also awesome for everyone.

Key points

If you don’t have any skill and you want to earn from a Fiverr then subject specialist and article writing is a good niche for you through them you can get orders from Fiverr and next can give your work to others to do it and you can find them in just a few dollars which is very good.

All the niche ideas which I have given to you regarding Fiverr gigs are fully unique and you can get a lot of order which these niche ideas so keep supporting us and thanks for reading.

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