Is tax good on freelancers? Knows more about tax

FBR has announced that every freelancer must have to pay taxes Is tax good on freelancers? Knows more about tax to us which is not a good decision. This is just for Pakistanis they think that freelancers are earning thousands of dollars and they have factories of money so they must need to pay tax?

Taxes on freelancer

First of all, to get the payment we have to pay a lot of charges like for freelancers there is not any direct source to get your money from different platforms. Freelancers are not billionaires according to me it is not the right decision to get tax from freelancers.

Is tax good on freelancers? Knows more about tax
Is tax good on freelancers? Knows more about tax

Already taxes

If you are working on any freelance marketplace or if you are from any country, first of all, you have to pay twenty percent charges to the platform where you are getting clients and this fee is too much twenty percent is not less. Freelancers are gaining thousand of united States dollars every year in their country but in other countries like Bangladesh, they provide facilities to their freelancer to improve their services and to take more and more money in their country which is very good.

Taxes all over

Like I got a project of one thousand US dollars on any platform first of all I will pay two hundred dollars to them means to the marketplace. After that we don’t have a direct payment method like PayPal so first we send payment in Payoneer which also gets their service taxes and at last our banks also gain tax from us. So does all these are not enough is the country not getting any benefit from freelancer they are gaining millions of dollars through freelancing towards their country. Before this pandemic, there were few freelancers but after this now many ones are moving strongly toward success and they are gaining thousands of dollars each and every month which is benefiting the country directly so taxes are not good. What you think about this please inform us in the comment box given below.

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