Whatsapp new update for windows and mac users

WhatsApp new apdate for Windows Like other things, WhatsApp is also launching new things for their customers through which users can enjoy more and more while using their applications easily. So a few days ago WhatsApp has launched a new update for windows and mac users.

Whatsapp new update for windows
Whatsapp new update for windows


First users were just able to call through their android or iPhones but they were unable to do any type of calls like video or audio through their windows system or by using the mac. But now with this awesome new update by WhatsApp, you can easily contact anyone using the WhatsApp application on their windows, etc.

This latest feature is very awesome and good first few users have access to this feature but now everyone in the whole world can use this feature easily by using the PC app for their customers.


You can not use this feature in every windows or mac system but you are just allowed to use it in a few latest systems. Like for windows you are just allowed to call others if you are using windows ten and with sixty-four (64) bits and in the same way,, this feature is just allowed with the latest versions of mac.

Still, just one by one user call feature is enabled for WhatsApp users but group call is still not available but WhatsApp will launch this update soon.

How to use this feature

To use this feature first of all you have to download this application from WhatsApp web for your systems easily. After that, you have to scan your WhatsApp on your Windows system or on Mac with the help of your android application. After that now you are able to contact with any ones through audio or video calls and connect with anyone with the help of the internet.

That’s all regarding the new update of WhatsApp and remember to share your happiness or experience with this update below in the comment box thanks.

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