Tik Tok banned in Pakistan what is the reason?

Tik tok banned again in Pakistan It is the second time that TikTok is not available for the users of Pakistan. This Thursday on 11 March 2021 TikTok is not available for Pakistani mobile users and there are many reasons behind that read this post fully to learn about it.

Tik Tok banned
Tik Tok banned

Why tik Tok banned

Generally, Pakistan has banned this Chinese short video app second for their country users. Millions of Pakistanis use TikTok each and every day. First TikTok was banned due to deaths and misleading content but now second time some issues are the same behind this rejection.

Due to million users from Pakistan, there is every type of content creator available in Pakistan in the Urdu language. That’s why people are so interested and they use this application very much in a very big ratio for a long time. That’s why it’s affecting the youth of this country and they are moving toward a bad society everyone watches TikTok every time which is also causing a lot of other issues. Recently a few days ago a boy died on a train while creating a TikTok video this is also an answer behind this rejection. Mainly misleading content is the biggest reason that’s why last Thursday pesPeshawarghcourt has banned TikTok suddenly for every user of Pakistan.

Does it good?

According to my opinion, this is a very good thing by the high court of Peshawar to ban TikTok overall in Pakistan. In everything, there are two things bad effect and good effects TikTok have a good effect because a lot of poor come up and they have found a source of income for themselves but these are few ones. But what about those million users who are just wasting their time which is very precious while watching the fun on TikTok instead of doing any work for themselves or for their country. Society is not in profit but in loose because their youth is moving on a bad way which is not good for the whole country.

That was my opinion regarding this application must share your opinion below in the comment section regarding TikTok thanks.

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