Earn ten dollars daily from your blog with AdSense?

Earn ten dollars daily from your blog with AdSense Everyone wants to be a publisher with Adsense but its approval is not easy if you have not read my articles about AdSense approval then you can read it here. If your blog or website is approved by AdSense but your revenue is very low then today I will tell you that how to increase it?

Best ads placement

Your earning depends upon the ads placement of AdSense ads in your blog. I have seen that new bloggers add a lot of ads in the articles which is not good and also makes the user anger. So AdSense allows two features to their publisher regarding the ads placement first is auto ads and the second one is custom ads.

Both the ads options are good if you are new ones and don’t know that how to place ads perfectly then you can use the auto ads option in your WordPress blog or in any blog.

The next one is custom ads you can generate different types of ad codes from your AdSense account and then you can place them perfectly at good places easily in your article or in your theme sidebar etc. If you don’t know how to place ads at different places then you can use the ads placement plugin from WordPress which will place ads according to your order at selected places.

Increase earning?

Google Adsense adds balance to your account in various ways like most of your earnings depend upon CPC which stands for cost per click and you should need to focus on it and you will get more clicks if the placement of your ads is good.

There are two main things ads placement and your traffic AdSense pays you according to the regions of traffic like CPC of my country India and Pakistan is low but if you have traffic from European countries like us or the UK your CPC will be very high then Asian countries. So your traffic depends a lot on your earning.

Focus to get more and more traffic from other countries and you can earn one dollar with just two or three clicks but don’t use any illegal source to earn money and if you will use any illegal source your AdSense will be disabled. Focus on search engine optimization to get more and more traffic on your blog if you don’t know search engine optimization you can read it here easily that is esay why to Earn ten dollars daily from your blog with AdSense.

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