Few best things in SEO – Leran & Eran

Our last post was optimization first part was about article ideas and now we are going to few basic things in SEO. So the first thing is the keyword researching and to know about this read our last post here


At the end of the last post, we have discussed backlinks and this is very important to rank your content or blog post in google searches. Your blog post must need to get backlinks from a relevant content type website. Because relevant backlinks make your blog content better. Now you may have the question that what is backlinks and how to get them?

For example, there is a website regarding freelancing like my own website and a few days ago I read a post regarding freelancing from another website and after few days when I will write a new blog post then I will provide the link of the website which is providing good content regarding the topic. In this way, the other site whose link is given in my blog will get a backlink from my website and it will help to rank his article. That was all about the importance of backlinks in blogging and try to create relevant backlinks more and more.


Few best things in SEO – Leran & Eran

Try to write long articles for good search engine optimization and they will help you to rank fast because google doesn’t rank long content which is not enough for users. I recommend you write your blog post about four hundred or five hundred plus words and it will be very good if you will write more than one thousand words.

Concept of links

There are two types of links which you should need to use in your blog post outbound and internal so try to use a theme n every post so it will help you in the improvement of SEO.

User experience

Google just not depends on backlinks and your featured image but Google also looks at your content that does it’s really good for their users or not. whenever you will open your google analytics it will show you a lot of details where you will also be able to see bounce rate or bounce time try to increase the time and also decrease response rate because it shows that does users are good from your content or not. If your site has a good response time then you will rank because will know that there is something interesting that’s why users are spending time on their blogs.

Furthermore, try to send or collect more social traffic which is interested in your content and also give time to your blog post for Search engine optimization to see the good result. I have also spend a lot of days for the ranking of my other blog post in different ways. That’s all about the Few best things in SEO and try to focus on your goal and thanks a lot.

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