Best tips to grow blog keyword selection

Best tips to grow blog Blogging is a way through which thousands of people have made their career and they are successful but on the other hand, a lot of users are dishearted so there are many reasons for it These are some Best tips to grow blog? keyword selection and tips To get success in blogging you just need to give time to your and it is necessary. I am also earning money with the help of blogging and you can also earn thousands of dollars.
The main thing where a lot of people left is no traffic on their blogs but I think that it is super easy to get traffic from google. If you are doing good and clean work and nothing can stop you from getting rank.

Keyword selection Best tips to grow blog

To get success in blogging you must need to focus on your keywords and I recommend you to not work on big keywords where competition is already too much like health. Health is the keyword where competition is very high and to get success in this niche is very high if your content is also high quality because already thousands of websites are ranking in the health niche and for new ones it is too hard.

If you have started a blog or working on it with a health niche then I recommend you to stop here and find a new niche that suits you perfectly and can rank easily in Google searches. Try to find out a keyword that must be unique and a lot of people are searching for these keywords but competition must be low. With such a keyword it is very easy to rank your blog or articles and you can get thousands of new users to your website.

How to find such keywords?

You can find such keywords easily where thousands of users are searching but the content is low and success is also easy. I recommend you to use Ahrefs because I am also working on my different blogs with this tool and I have seen a very good result. First of all open Ahref and at below click at keywords checker and here you can check the competition or volume of searches for specific keywords in specific regions. The result of the life keyword according to Ahrefs is given in the image below:

Best tips to grow blog
Best tips to grow blog? keyword selection and tips

You can search thousands of keywords by using this tool for free and you can find the interest of people regarding your country where you are living or from where you want traffic.
With the help of this, you can easily find keywords with which you can rank I recommend you to work on keywords that have less than twenty KD. After finding add them to your articles. In this way, I am hundred percent sure that your website traffic will improve and you will get a lot of new users who are searching for such quality content.

More tips tips to grow blog

To do work perfectly and for success you must have to do hard work and I recommend you to post two articles every week minimum and post more if it is possible but write articles after keywords researching and using other ways. Try to create do follow and no follow backlinks both because they will help you to rank your content any were fastly and also do internal linkings like you can add contact us page link in your blog or you can also add external links like your social accounts or youtube links in your blogs and it also affects in the ranking. Most people do one more mistake that they don’t use WordPress so I recommend you to use WordPress personally because it helps a lot to rank your website easily and they are also many interesting things and a lot of big blogs are also using WordPress.

If you will follow these tips then you will get a lot of traffic and for sure your revenue will be increased up to five-time or ten times more. I think that blogging is a very good thing to earn money because there are a lot of ways to monitize your traffic and you can also sell products with your blogs.

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