How to get Adsense approval some important things

Adsense is the world’s best platform to monitize your website with ads and it is a little bit difficult to Adsense approval on your blog. But it is not hard for those who are hardworking and they want success.

How to get approval?

Adsense making different changes with the passage of time regarding the approval of the website about two years ago it was super easy to get AdSense approval but in two thousand and twenty-one it is hard but no too much due to the different changes in the policies of the AdSense.

But still, Adsense doesn’t require a minimum of traffic to get AdSense approval on your blog but other networks require traffic to get approval but mainly AdSense approves your websites on the basis of the quality of the content of your blog.

How much content and which type of content?

Adsense just approves the website which has the required amount of unique content on them and must be following the AdSense policies. The main thing is plagiarism your website content must be 100% unique and well written. Your content must be easy to read and use headings in your content so it will make your website articles Adsense-friendly.

Most users write few articles on their blog and they apply for Adsense and after few days their blog or website gets rejected by Adsense because it does not meet the policies of Google Adsense. I recommend you to do work slowly on your blog if you want to get approval but do continuous and hard work on your blog. I recommend you to write forty (40) plus articles on your blog because it will increase the chances of approval and each of your posts must consist of five hundred or seven hundred words. Adsense just not approve on the basis of content but it is the main thing a lot of other important things regarding approval are below.

Always write high-quality content that is easy to read and always write according to your interest but according to the policies of Google AdSense.

Required pages

If you want AdSense approval your blog or website must have some required pages to get AdSense approval these are:

  • Contact us
  • About us
  • Terms and conditions
  • Privacy policies
  • Disclaimer

These five pages are very important and must be available in the menus of your website. To create these pages you can generate them easily with the help of google and to create a contact us page you can read our post here.

Add your website to the webmaster

Webmaster means your website must be indexed in the google search console and should be available in google search but it does not matter how much traffic you have gettings. If you don’t know that how to add a website to the google search console you can read it here.

I also recommend you to connect google analytics with your blog so it will increase the chances of approval.

Best things to apply

Always work with patience and don’t try to apply fast because maybe your site gets rejected from Adsense due to some works in progress. Before applying to remember that your website or blog meets all the requirements according to AdSense policies and your site is also indexed in google make sure that your site has a ten plus links index in google and also submit a sitemap in google search console.

There is also no limit of domain age but remember that you are just allowed to create one account with one name and if you have created two accounts then one of your accounts will be rejected by Adsense according to me AdSense just approve overall five or ten percent of websites which have applied for AdSense.

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