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Youtube is a platform where everyone wants to earn money because it is easier to earn money using youtube. Now a days few new updates have come from youtube which is explained in different ways in different places but I will teach you the real way and real things about the new policies of youtube.

About YT

we already know that youtube needs four thousand hours of watch time and about one thousand subscribers in one year and still, it is the same but youtube has announced some new updates.

Youtube updates

Youtube has launched a new method means a new update first users were promoting other videos or clips by giving links in the description and when the audience watch their videos youtube was count the watch time. But now youtube will not count the watch of such an audience which will be redirected from the description of a youtube video.

Now you can promote other videos in this way but the watch time will not be counted and many ones have questions regarding watch time that watches time is countable in youtube which comes from slow videos means from slow speed and for sure youtube will count the complete time of how much hour the video is watched not according to the length of the video.

Short videos

Many ones create short videos which get rank easily and they get millions of views in just a few days with the help of this short videos option but Now youtube will not count the watch time of short videos also to monitize your channel your watch time must not be on short videos.


Youtube also not going to count the watch time which comes from paid promotions from youtube ads so be careful youtube is now just working on organic ways.

Partner update

A few days ago a lot of people were also asking regarding the latest update in the youtube policies but for friends, there is no update in the amount of watch time and subscribers to monitize your youtube channel and to be a youtube partner.
This was the new update from youtube which I like to share now I recommend you use youtube to earn money by sharing your content with others on such a huge platform.

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