what is google news & how to get traffic on site?

what is google news & how to get traffic on site? News is also a product of Google like any time when you open google on your android device or open the google news website on your personal computer or laptop it shows different articles according to your interest.

Google news is different from google like when you search anything on google it shows the result according to that and google news show different articles from the different website which are approved in google news. Like if google news shows you two articles regarding health and sports and you open the sports article in this way Google will try to show more sports articles and it also depends upon your google searches.

Manage your home page

You can also mange the articles which you want and you can find more articles which you want using google news easily.

How can we earn money with the help of google news?

It is very simple and easy for any publisher to earn money using google news like when you open any article through google news it takes you to the next page means it redirected you to the website where the article is published and they use ad networks on their website and earn money.

You can also sell affiliate products with google news traffic and remember this traffic is completely safe for any website.

How to add your website in google news?

You have to apply first in google news and your website will be approved to visible in google news and in this way your site articles will also be available on the google news and you will get more traffic. To get google news approval your website must and high-quality content and must be easy to read and if your site is good then it will be approved.

I recommend you to use google news on your website if you want to earn money and it will also help those users who are finding good content for their knowledge in this way you can get good feedbacks on your website and can get more traffic on your website.

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