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As I have written in my first two posts that you can create any type of website and any design using WordPress easily so by applying themes you just get a structure and edit it. But there is one more thing by which you can create your website by your own.

Page builders

There are many page builders in WordPress you can use these page builders to create any type of WordPress responsive website. Page builders allow you to create or develop every part of your website on your own and you can design them as you want to design or build.

Top page builders

I have tried a lot of page builders on WordPress and use them on different of my websites for a long time some of them are easy to use and a few of them are difficult. The top two WordPress page builders are given below and you can read about them.


This page builder is super easy to use and you can create stunning websites while using elementor page builder on WordPress and if you have the ability to create stunning websites using elementor then you can sell this service on Fiverr and you can earn a lot of money. This plugin has two plans free one and pro at the learning stage you can use the free one because the free plan also has a lot of features for learners and then you can buy paid one to create more beautiful websites.


It is also a very good page builder but it is not free you must have to buy this page builder if you want to use it. I have also tried this page builder on my different websites and the experience was awesome. You can make complex and stunning landing pages with the help of this builder-like elementor.

So I recommend you to use these builders if you want to develop professional websites by yourself.

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