How to earn money using apps?

How to earn money using apps There are millions of android users in the whole world and they use different apps on theirs mobile. You know that what are the benefits to the developers who had done a lot of work to develop such an app but what they are gaining?

How to earn money using apps?

How to earn

There are many methods to earn money by developing apps. Like websites, you have a lot of ways to earn money in the same way while developing an app you can also earn a lot of money.


In every online field, the basic source of earning is advertisements and you can use different platforms to place ads in your app. In the market, there are many platforms while allowing you to use their ads in your apps for example AdMob and Facebook ads. There are many big apps and games which are using advertisements and earning a lot of money while using ads from different platforms.

For example, whenever you play games or use any app on your android device you see many ads while using the application or games. When you see or click the ads through the app in order to this developers or the owner of the app is earning money.

Other ways (How to earn money using apps?)

Here is also a new method in-app for earning you can now launch your app in the google play store and you can earn money if any one download or rate your app. By uploading your app to the google play store you can earn a few cents per download and there are many apps in the market or on the play store which have millions of downloads on their app and you can calculate their earnings from google play store and through advertisements. if your app is a high-quality app and you think that users should need to pay for this app you can sell your app to users.

Why app development?

It is a high-quality skill and you can earn thousands of dollars per app if you don’t want to lunch your own app and you are a very good app developer then you can create an app for your clients through freelancing platforms but you can earn more with your own app easily.

If you are worried that how to learn pp development then the solution is very simple and easy you can learn app development through the world’s best learning source according to me known as youtube.

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