How to backup your WordPress website and why?

Backup your WordPress website is a very important thing for each and every website on the internet. Because it may be an error with your domain nameservers or with your hosting providers or maybe your domain or hosting expire then all of your website data will loos. That’s why backup is very important for every website for recovery in case of any issue.

How to backup? your WordPress website and why?

It is very simple so first of all login to your WordPress website and here you to perform the next steps. Like before we have to install any plugin for specific work or for specific features but remember plugins are also available to take backup but we are going to use simple and easy way which is also available in WordPress dahboard.

To take backup click at the tools menu in your dashboard and here click at export and such a page will come next to you.

How to backup your WordPress website and why?

Here in this section, you can choose the files which you want to backup or download on your computer so you can choose it according to you but I recommend you to get the backup of all content so mark all content and press download export file. After this, all a file will start downloading. A file like this will be downloaded to your computer or on your device. Save this file in any safe place for further use.

How to import your backup in case of any issue?

Let suppose after few days or after few months your site makes any issue and loses all the data and now you have to import the backup in your website and get your website back. So to upload the file click at tolls and choose the import menu in this. Now here you have to install WordPress as shown in the image given below.

How to backup your WordPress website and why?

After that, you can drop your file here in the given section and press the import button after this all your site will be back as it before when you get backup your WordPress website

Many ones do mistakes that they get back up after months or after fifteen days but I recommend you to take the backup of all the content every week.

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