Earn money from facaebook Laran & Eran

Earn Money from Facaebook is a very big social platform and millions of people use Facaebook on daily basis but still many ones don’t know that how to earn money from Facebook but they are just using Facebook. There are two main sources of earning by using a Facebook account it is very simple and I consider that everyone can earn money using Facaebook if you are reading this post.


If you have a Facebook page regarding anything or regarding any product now you can earn money by placing ads on your Facebook page if you have one thousand likes on your Facaebook page. There are many big pages that are earning thousands of dollars each and every month by advertising their pages. But to monetize your Facebook page you just do not need to complete the required amount of like but your page must fulfill all the other requirements before monetization.

How to create a Facaebook page?

To create a Facebook page regarding any product click on the pages section from your Facebook account.


Here you will see an option to create a new page where you have to give any name to your page regarding any product and you have to choose any categories regarding your content and after that click on create page. That’s all your page is ready and now you can add different posts on your page regarding your products and share your page with others to take it up.

Earn money from facebook Laran & Eran
Earn money from facaebook
Earn money from facaebook Laran & Eran

Earn from a facaebook group

This is a very good and interesting thing and this way is easier than a page because you just have to create a Facebook group on any niche and you can start earning if you have more than one thousand members on your Facebook group you can monetize your Facebook group and there are no more requirements to monetize your Facebook group.

How to create a facaebook group

Everyone is allowed to create a Facebook group like the page to create a page click on groups and here you will find an option to create a group.
Just give any name to the group and your group will be ready that all. Now you can add posts and can add members for more in this after min requirements of members you can monetize your Facebook

Earn money from facebook Laran & Eran

How to monetize facaebook page

To monetize your page or group you can visit the Facaebook business and here you can manage everything.

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