Best ad networks to monetize your blog or website

Best ad networks to monetize your blog or website There are many ads networks in the market and users are choosing the best one according to them this is post is for those who want to monetize their website by using some of the best ad networks for their website
The top five ad networks are given below.

Best ad networks to monetize your blog or website

1 Google Adsense

For sure Google Adsense is the world’s number one platform to monetize your website by using ad networks and you can earn 2 times or five times more than all of the other ad networks so your first choice must be AdSense. Adsense pays you for CPC (cost per click) and also for CPM (cost per mile) so it is very good in different other ways but it is a little hard to get AdSense approval but everything is possible if you do hard work. Google AdSense.To approve Adsense your site just have high-quality content on it and no more but it should be unique and then you will be able to earn money using this ad network. To get payment from AdSense you must have a bank account but to get payments first you have to verify your payment address.

2 Media net

I recommend the media net at number two because many users don’t get Adsense approval and then they try to find out other best network so media net is best after AdSense. But to get media net approval you must have a few thousands of traffic from European countries because most of the publishers are from Europe but its CPM rate is very good and it doesn’t work on CPC. They have the very best payment method which is Payoneer and you can make your withdrawal easily by using this one. If you have traffic from European countries like the USA, UK, or Germany then you have chances to earn more using this ad network.

3 Mgid

Mgid is also a rising network nowadays but to get its approval you must have about fifty thousand monthly traffic on your blog or website and its CPC rate is also very good like media net. You can easily get payments from Mgid using the bank transfer method.

4 Adsterra

Adsterra is also a very good platform for publishers because there are no min requirements to use their ads and you can easily earn money from it and you will be able to withdraw just 5 dollars from your adsterra account easily in different ways. It also provides good CPM rates to publishers and you can try it if you are newbies. I have a different niche website which is like downloading and more you can easily use adsterra on them.

5 propeller ads

I consider this ad network at number five and it is also not a bad one to approve propeller ads you just must have some traffic from different countries and then you will be able to use this ad network on your blog or website. The good thing is that this ad network allows you to get payments every networks to monetize your blog or website

My recommendations.

I have experience of more than five years in blogging and I have tried all of these platforms on my different blogs and also have received payments from all of them but Adsense I the world best because it pays five times more than all these networks and their prices are also good and I am using AdSense from a long time. I recommend you to go for Adsense and if you don’t get Adsense approval then you should need to monetize your website using media net or mgid but if you do hard work for sure you will get AdSense approval easily on your blog or website.

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