Add a live chat option to your WordPress website

If you have a business website or a blog website like my website then you should need to add live chat to your WordPress website because it helps you to contact with your audience any time whenever you want you will be able to contact the audience which will be live on your website. And your visitors will also be able to msg you through live chat option.

Let’s start

To add live chat first of all login to your WordPress dashboard after that first of all click on the plugins section. Here you have to add a new plugin that will allow you to add the live chat option on your website. So to do that click on add new plugin button. Here you have to search for a plugin named “Crisp”. The image of the plugin is given below. First of all, activate and install this plugin. That’s done from your WordPress dashboard now follow the next step.

Add a live chat option to your WordPress website
Plugin view

Sign up for crisp

After activating the plugin live chat option will not be added to your WordPress website. So to add that open crisp website. Here you have to sign up for crisp so to sign up click on create a new account. Here you have to fill up all the required information and your account will be created successfully.

Add a live chat option to your WordPress website
Sign up page


The browser in which you have created the crisp account open your WordPress dashboard in the same browser.

Connect account and add live chat

Now again come back to your wordpress dashboard now here you can see a new menu in your dashboard menu bar which is named as crisp. click at this button and it will take you to such a page.

Add a live chat option to your WordPress website
Connect crisp

Here press the connect account button and it will automatically connect your crisp account with your website plugin. That’s all now the plugin is fully active and also connected with your WordPress website. Now if you want to customize more then follow the next step otherwise that’s all here. After doing all the steps live chat will be available at he right side of your wordpres website.

Add a live chat option to your WordPress website


Now you have done all the steps which you have to perform from your WordPress website now go back to your crisp account and here you have to customize the live chat option, first of all, go to the settings page of crisp account.

Add a live chat option to your WordPress website

First of all, add the avatar image here in this section so it will be visible when anyone will msg you through this live chat option.

That’s all feel free to ask questions in the comment box below.

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