youtube channel best niche idea for new ones

youtube channel best niche idea Youtube is the best place to earn money because you don’t need any investment to take a start. You can earn easily from youtube if your content is high quality and loved by the audience.

How to create a youtube channel?

To create a youtube channel you just need an email address which everyone has. first of all open youtube from your mobile or computer here at the top click at your profile image is given below.

youtube channel  best niche idea
youtube channel best niche idea

Here click at create a channel where you have to enter your username which you want to use and that’s all your channel is created. Add a beautiful logo and a banner image at back after that you have to upload videos on your youtube channel.

youtube channel best niche idea

Many ones create a youtube channel and they work on the tech niche but after a long time, they get nothing so they feel very sad. You also look at the market you know that there are already a lot of creators who upload videos regarding tech and now it’s hard to get a lot of audience. Always choose a unique niche where the creator is in less amount. The best niche nowadays is vlogging because the audience also loves vlogs and it’s very easy to get success through vlogging.

Why vlogging?

There are two basic things behind my recommendation because first of all, you don’t need any investment to buy a laptop or computer for video editing and creation. Mobile is very good to record your video and there are many applications available for mobiles through them you can beautifully edit your videos.

You can record the video of any activity you are doing like you can make a video like a visit to the city etc. But some fun moments are necessary for every video.

Few important things

Upload your videos every day or four videos in a week because it helps you to get more views and you will rank soon. add the description of your video clearly and add a good title also add a custom featured image because it will help you to get more audience.

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