Namecheap hosting good or not?

Before writing this post I have tried this hosting company and I am writing this post on the basis of my experience. Today we are talking about the Namecheap shared hosting.

Let’s start

Namecheap is a big company which is famous for domain name services. Due to that, they are also selling different hostings for WordPress. I have already tried shared WordPress hosting from Namecheap and I sent a lot of traffic on my website.

Namecheap hosting good or not?

Server response time

It provides an awesome response in the United state of America and in few nearby areas but not good out of America and in Asian countries like Pakistan and India.


I provide awesome speed in us and UK and in Asia its high. Its speed is awesome in the US but not good in Asia and other countries.

Namecheap doesn’t provide cache service. I sent a lot of traffic and the result was good and the response time was also good. But it can’t handle a lot of traffic if you get more traffic response time will increase.

Benefits of Namecheap shared hosting

  • It’s cheap and starting from just 1.4 dollar
  • one installation
  • unlimited backup
  • provide a free domain
  • awesome speed in European countries
  • Namecheap provides unlimited bandwidth and also one-click installation of different software in their basic plan.


Namecheap provides a fast response to its customers but I don’t find any error will using shared hosting on my websites. I cause different errors by myself on the website but they fixed it easily in seconds so it is the plus point of this company.

The price of this hosting is good at all but there are still many issues in different countries but good at all for US.

My recommendations

According to my experience, Namecheap shared hosting is just best for us traffic and provides awesome speed and response time in the US but not good out of Asia.

This complete review is based on our own experience of three websites on Namecheap shared hosting plans. So now it’s on you we just can share our experience with you. Thanks.

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