How to create a blog using WordPress

How to create a blog using WordPress

The development of a blog website using WordPress is so simple and easy but you have to follow different steps in order to develop your blog.


To develop your blog you just need two things if you are using WordPress. A post already available regarding WordPress in which we have discussed hosting and domain. These are hostings and domain name now you will have the question that how to buy and where to buy? There are many hosting providers which providing hosting service like Godaddy and NameCheap etc.

let’s start creating a blog

First of all logins into your WordPress dashboard and it will be like that as shown in the image below I clearly tell you about each and everything in simple steps.

How to create a blog using WordPress
Dashboard look

After reaching such a page you have to do the first step which is the installment of a blog theme.

Install theme

Here at your WordPress dashboard click at the appearance section and here click at the themes. On this page, you will be able to see all the installed themes on your website but you have to add a new one so click on add new them and search for “shamrock” in a result you will see this theme.

How to create a blog using WordPress

Install and activate this one after activating go back to your dashboard where you have to do many more steps to make it look professional.

Some required plugins

Click at the plugins section and here click add new. Now you will reach a search page where you have to search for new plugins that you want to install. Here you just have to install one plugin so search for “make smart author” and install this plugin plus activate it also.

How to create a blog using WordPress

Now you have to add new posts after adding a post through the posts section visit your website. your website will be good-looking but there will be no menu or nothing in the sidebar.

Setup menus

To create menus for your site click on appearance and here click at the menu so now you have to create a new menu name it as you want and here you have to add different pages or categories which you want to add according to you and then save.

Change the title and the tagline of your website

How to create a blog using WordPress
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Here you can see the tittle and tagline of my website but how to change this to changes this click at settings and here you will reach the general settings page.

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Here you can see two things first is the title and the second is the tagline here you add them as you want so after adding your custom text press the save button below and it will done.


Now sidebar is the last thing that you have to edit and you have to make it look awesome. So to do that click on appearance and here click at widgets you will reach such a page shown below.

How to create a blog using WordPress

Now you have to add different things, first of all, add a search widget drag it from the right, and drop it in every section after that you will find a meks smart author widget drag this and drop it also and at last drag shamrock featured posts widget and add it. That was all that how to set up your sidebar.

In the same way, you can create other pages through the pages section and you can add them to your menus and manage them. So I have written completely that how to develop such a professional blog website like my own website so still if you have any questions feel free to skin the comment section below. Thanks

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