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still, many people don’t know about online work or freelancing but due to this pandemic covid-19 many people and young ones move toward freelancing and towards many other platforms to earn money online. Freelancing is the most common thing and many ones are earning thousands of dollars by freelancing.

What is freelancing?

Basically freelancing is the selling of your skill means you got different works from people all over the world means if you are a graphic designer and anyone orders you to design his logo. You have to design his logo and as a result, he will pay you. In this way, you can sell any skill in which you have a strong grip to serve your clients and to earn. A freelancer is not employed at several platforms he just paid for his orders which are given to them by different clients from all over the world. But to get the success you have to spend a lot of time with a lot of hard work to get hundreds of clients.

Most paying skill in Freelancing

Freelancing Leran & eran

If you are interested in freelancing and you think that you have the ability and time to work you can learn any skill and you can get success with any skill if you work hard but most paying skills are listed below.

  • Web development
  • article writing
  • programming
  • app development

These are few skills which are at the top nowadays and many clients are searching for those who provide this service.

Freelancing platforms

There are many freelancing platforms available here on the internet where you can sell your service but few top platforms are discussed below.


This platform is the world best for both freelancers and for clients who are in search of freelancers. This platform is not free to use you must have to pay the fee to use it. But on Upwork, you have more ability to get clients than all other platforms and you also get high price orders here.


according to me Fiverr is number two because it is super easy and also it’s free of cost for freelancers. So new ones can start with this platform to earn more money using their skill. To get orders here you have to create gigs in which you mention the service which you are providing and it charges nothing from freelancers.


Freelancer is also a great platform for freelancers but this platform is not free here you have to pay more fees than Upwork and from few others but here price is also good.


It is also a freelance market place it is a very old platform and many ones are working on this platform to get jobs on this platform you have to create posts about your skill and the client will choose you.

The most common thing in all of these platforms is that they charge 20% of your earning from every order like if clients give you an order of 50 dollars you will not get 50 dollars after the work but you will get forty dollars. All of these platforms are completely safe and easy to use.

How to get orders?

May me many of you already have accounts on these platforms but they are not getting orders. The first thing to get orders is your profile always use your real information in every freelancing platform because it helps you to attract more clients and always use a real image as your profile picture. I don’t recommend you to start with paid freelancing platforms I recommend you to start with Fiverr because it is free and after success, you can move toward other paid platforms.

How to get paid?

The payment method on all of these platforms is the same all of your earning will be added to your balance. When you reach the min withdrawal you will be able to withdraw them in your Payoneer wallet from all these platforms. From Payoneer, you can transfer your funds to your local banks easily. If you don’t know how to create a Payoneer wallet we will write a post soon by following which you can create a Payoneer wallet.

Don’t break the rules of these platforms because they can block your profile and you will lose your hard work so be careful.

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