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Start blogging

I think you should need to start blogging If you know how to develop a website or you just know about the just simple things you can start freelancing. Yes but how? There will be many questions with you for me and I will clear out each and everything here which is below.

Start blogging

Let’s start

Blogging is an easy way to earn money because there are a lot of successful persons in the world who are earning through blogging.

What is blogging?

Blogging means that you have a website like my website on which you write some blogs means you write about anything in which you have an interest. There are many niches to write. You can write according to your interest to get more success in your life and in your blogging career. You should need to write awesome and quality content which must be interesting. A blog is a platform or a website where you can communicate and share knowledge with the whole world. There are also many more things regarding blogging like about earning process and many more.

Platforms to create your blog

There are many platforms available on the internet to create or to start your blog website. many ones are paid and few ones are free to start. There are many other things that we have to follow so here are some platforms are given below for blogging.


The Blogger is a platform is offered by Google and it is very and very simple to use and where you can simply develop your website. Blogger is free and it does not cost anything from you and although it also provides you a free domain to use so it is completely free and I recommend you to start with blogger because it’s completely free and super easy.

Everyone should need to start blogging on the blogger and after success, he can move towards other networks on which he can get more success but always take a start with the blogger.


WordPress is a high-quality platform that is also a free one and a good platform for blogging it’s easy to manage. But you must have your domain and hosting to use it but you can also use it with free hosting. WordPress is easy to use but according to me blogger is more easier for newbies. But it controls everything clearly and you can make or build a more professional blog through WordPress than blogger. WordPress contains thousands of more features than blogger.

I have also tried WordPress many times for many websites for my clients and for my own work and it provides us an awesome platform to start any work through the website.


Wix is also arising platform to build different sites of professional websites in low time with many features. But Wix is not completely free it charges few cents from you to use their service but it is a good platform.

This is not complete information about these platforms but I already have written briefly about some of these platforms and writing soon about new ones.

How to earn through blogging?

In blogging, there are unlimited methods to earn money by using different ways but a few he best which are discussed below.


Mainly advertisement is just a method to earn money but there are many sub-methods by using them you can earn money easily in simple ways.

Monetize using ad networks

The first and the most used method is by monetizing your blog or website by any ad network. Adsense, the world’s best which is a product of Google’s for publishers but many other networks available but not better than AdSense we will discuss later in the coming articles.

Affiliate marketing

This is the second method in which you can promote any product and you will get a commission from them so it is also the very perfect method to earn using your blog. Many platforms allow you to promote their different products through which you will be paid according to them that how much they will pay you.

I have discussed many things in the above paragraphs and that’s why I recommend you to start with blogging because it’s easy and there are many chances to earn through blogging.

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